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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Additional service information.

  • Friendly Reminder:

    We appreciate your orders very much and would like to begin processing them as soon as we receive your approval so that we can deliver in a timely manner. In order to accurately process the order, please provide the following information on your purchase orders:

    • Bill to Address
    • Ship to Address
    • Ship via
    • Terms
    • Purchase Order Number
    • MOGAS Quote Number
    • Serial Number of the valve being repaired (or parts for the valve)
    • Contact name, phone and fax number; along with email address if available

    Providing this information will ensure a timely response.

  • Serial Number “The Key”

    When calling, faxing or emailing requests for repair, parts or questions regarding a particular valve, please include the valve’s MOGAS serial number. The serial number is a unique identifier that will ensure our customers get correct information on the valve in question. MOGAS is not responsible for incorrect parts if the serial number is not supplied at request.

  • Stem Packing

    Please contact your local MOGAS stocking distributor for replacing stem packing sets. MOGAS recommends the following spares:

    Low Cycle (< 365 cycles per year) – 1 set of packing for every 5 valves (each size and class)
    Hi Cycle (365-1000 cycles per year) – 1 set of packing for every 3 valves (each size and class)
    Extreme Cycle (>1000 cycles per year) – 1 set of packing for every valve

    Please be advised that stem packing recommendations are an estimate as operating and plant conditions differ.

  • Spare Parts

    Spare parts can be purchased for inventory at anytime. MOGAS maintains complete Bill of Materials for all valves sold to ensure traceability of parts.

  • Repairs

    Valve and Part Repairs are quoted upon inspection by MOGAS personnel or at an authorized service center. Inspections are performed by trained technicians and reviewed by Engineers at the time of repair. Valves are reviewed for any possible upgrades, modifications and/or design changes.

  • Technicians

    MOGAS technicians are available for onsite inspections and trouble shooting. Please contact for further details.

  • RUSH! Repair Orders

    Advance purchase of parts that are used in a repair reduces lead time by as much as 8-10 weeks.

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