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Max Series

Application-specific, custom-engineered solutions for severe service applications

Custom requests are part of our legacy. MOGAS has been in the business since 1973, engineering and fabricating that one exclusive valve that is a non-standard crucial component for your operating system. Unique bore sizes, different end connections and special trim materials are accomplished through our engineered products group.

Changing people’s perceptions and work habits are the biggest challenge when offering creative solutions.

At MOGAS, we partner with plant and process engineers to understand their whole flow process—and what they are trying to achieve. Only then can we engineer a solution that is application specific.

Below are some of the products MOGAS has engineered to solve isolation and flow control problems.

  • Special Linkage (Dual Valves, Quad Valves)

    These valve configurations may involve multiple severe service valves that need to operate in a specific sequence or operate in such a manner that some are automatically closed when others are opened.

    MOGAS valve with special linkage.
    This special linkage allowed one flow line to run while the other was isolated. This enabled the operators to open two valves and close two valves in a single operation.
    MOGAS valve featuring double balls.
    This 3-inch ASME 300 Class “one-of-a-kind” valve was built for a customer requiring customized fabrication and linkage. This 2-way valve, with piping entering the valve from the bottom, has two balls located within the valve body that opens / closes in an alternating fashion.
  • Ultra High-pressure Valves

    Extremely high pressures require extreme engineering and proven manufacturing skills to mitigate any process / personnel safety concerns. Often chemical / petrochemical isolation valves must provide tight shut-off for severe operating conditions, as well as potentially toxic chemicals.

    MOGAS ultra high pressure valve.
    Isolating under extreme gas pressures (over 42,000 psi), this 1-inch Special Class CA-1AS was modified to dependably isolate in both high pressure and high temperature. MOGAS was chosen as this client’s valve partner when the MOGAS valve lasted three times longer than previous valves.
  • Unique Bore or Inlet / Outlet Sizing

    Special piping or process requirements often create operational challenges for severe service valves. Dimensional sizing constraints often limit commodity valves. MOGAS has been able to offer uniquely fabricated and manufactured ball valves that meet operational specifications, maintain process integrity, fit mechanical dimensions and honor deadlines.

    MOGAS autoclave valve with unique inlet and outlet sizes.
    Nicknamed the “trumpet” valve due to its unique inlet size compared to its outlet size (28 x 14-inch), this ASME 300 Class CA-DRI metal-seated ball valve was an innovative solution to a customer’s unusual configuration needs.
  • Y-Pattern Valve Design

    Applying proven technology from decades of experience in isolation valve design, the MOGAS y-pattern valve provides the optimal solution for combining process functions, reducing required space, and diverting or isolating flow within a single valve body. Metal-to-metal sealing gives dependable, repeatable isolation in high temperature, high pressure and solids laden process streams.

    Three-piece clamped arrangement offers maintenance efficiencies
    Application specific purge ports
    • Minimal areas for solids to accumulate reduces the likelihood of plugging in hydrocarbon streams that are prone to coke formation.
    • Ability to divert or isolate flow on one, or both, of the downstream legs while in continuous operation.
    • Maintenance efficiencies are ensured by using the same internal components as other MOGAS isolation valves in the same size and pressure class.
    • Additional block valve on each downstream leg—provides double block (and bleed if needed) on each of the diverted streams.
    • Automation using one or two actuators, based on requirements.
    • Application-specific purging designs are available as needed.

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