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The MOGAS Difference

Choosing the right valve can be complicated when so many manufacturers claim to be solution providers, partners, control experts, design engineers, global leaders.

So, what differentiates MOGAS from other valve manufacturers? Why MOGAS?

The answer starts with our mission & purpose — to provide the best severe service, application-specific products and world-renowned services—and experienced through our proven process.

Our Proven Process

The root of the MOGAS difference is in our proven process. This cycle of expertise, support, industry knowledge and desire to innovate is repeated year after year.

Valve Expertise. More than 50 years of engineering, manufacturing and servicing severe service valves.
Customer Support. From project execution to field service, you'll find our response is quick and supportive.
Industry Knowledge. We employ industry experts and engineers with extensive field experience who understand your process and application.
Innovation & Design. Our history of partnering with plant and process engineers of end users results in application specific designs.

You can now feel confident that you're making the right decision when choosing a valve.

Your Benefits

Our customers benefit from our proven process through:

Quality. Our commitment to quality is ingrained in our culture and permeates through the entire organization. From start to finish, quality is non-negotiable.
Value. Our philosophy is to design our valves for longevity so you have less downtime and the lowest cost of ownership.
Safety. Designed and tested to withstand fire and prevent fugitive emissions, MOGAS valves offer the lowest risk.
PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE. Because of the MOGAS proven process and the benefits it yields, we are able to offer a PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE. Years of continual valve performance analysis, field reports and statistical service data from around the globe provide the information required to guarantee a performance time period.

We invite you to experience The MOGAS Difference.

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