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Delayed Coking

Trouble-free operation in heavy coking applications with floating ball valve design

When converting heavy hydrocarbon streams to lighter industrial products, the thermal cracking process calls for the frequent operation of the isolation valve system during the coke drum switching operation.

MOGAS’ floating ball design provides trouble-free operation in heavy coking applications. In addition, our unique design requires significantly less steam during purging operations than traditional trunnion designs, saving operators thousands of dollars in energy costs.

In an effort to continuously improve our design, MOGAS has compiled field data to determine the precise amount of service duty to be applied to actuator and valve stem sizing to prevent failures caused by increased torque due to coke buildup.

Operating Conditions:
  • High Temperatures: 500– 1000° F
  • Coking Service
  • HP Steam Blowdown
  • High Pressure Water Service
  • High Cycles
  • Temperature Cycling
  • Erosive Conditions

Coking Process Flow Diagram
  1. HP Pump Inlet Isolation
  2. Cutting Water Pump Isolation
  3. Quench Extraction
  4. Overhead Vapor Isolation
  5. Coke Drum Bypass Isolation
  6. Coke Drum Switching
  7. Coke Drum Feed Isolation
  8. Quench Extraction Isolation
  9. Light Coker Gas Oil Pump EBV
  10. Heavy Coker Gas Oil Pump EBV
  11. Frac Bottoms EBV
  12. Coke Filter Isolation
  13. Furnace Charge Pump Inlet Isolation
  14. Furnace Charge Pump Discharge Isolation
  15. Furnace Feed Isolation
  16. General Utility Valves (Steam, Water, Condensation) (not represented in diagram)
  17. Drain Valves (not represented in diagram)
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