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Transport and Storage


Valves used in distribution pipelines and underground storage must able to operate dependably when called upon. Often located in remote locations or subject to environmental elements, maintenance is also a concern. These valves must handle bi-directional differential pressures for applications that require filling and withdrawing through the same control valve. In addition, they must be able to provide exceptional rangeability across a wide range of pressure or flow cases.

Engineered Solutions

MOGAS engineers control valves that can handle different pressures, pressure drops and media with entrained particulates, as well as full bore isolation valves with repeatable dependable tight shut-off. In the rotary control technology, the let-down stages are manufactured in either the ball or seat components, and are available as either floating or trunnion designs, depending upon size and operating conditions

  • Packing area is protected from potential particulate erosion
  • Two hard coated and lapped metal thrust bearings serve as a pressure energized inner stem seal and prevent galling between body, stem and the inner stem seals.
  • Quick quarter-turn operation of non-rising stem does not pull destructive particles through the interior diameter of packing area
  • Live loaded packing ensures constant packing energization
  • Sealing surfaces (ball and seat face) are in permanent contact throughout  its 90-degree operation
  • Secondary stem bearing guide eliminates movement and packing deformation caused by side-loading of stem by the actuator
  • Non-rising stem design allows for greater number of cycles and mitigates fugitive emissions
  • Repairability can be handled quickly with trim sets comprised of minimal components
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