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General service ball valve for low pressure applications

ASME 600 Class: General Service

The G-Series valve is a general service, uni-directional ASME 600 Class full-bore valve for drain and vent applications with clean, low-pressure steam, gas or liquid. The floating ball design with metal/graphite laminated seats lower torque and actuator requirements.

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Additional Features

  • Lock-out integrated into mounting flange adaptor for open and closed positions
  • Standard with hand lever and actuator mounting bracket to accommodate all types of actuators and accessories


  • Size: 1 to 3 inch (25 to 80 dn)
  • Temperature: 900° F (482° C). [A105 limited to 800° F (426° C)]

End Connections

Standard configurations include:
  • Socketweld (1 to 2 inch) and
  • Buttweld (3 inch Schedule 80)
Power Generation
  • Extraction steam drains
  • Low pressure HRSG tube drains
  • Isolation valve for bypass lines cold reheat drains
  • Drip leg drains

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