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Furnaces / Sootblowers

Offering metal-seated on/off valves for use in furnace and sootblower applications

Industrial furnaces provide heat for processing, and vary as to function, types of fuel and method of introducing combustion air. Furnaces are generally designed with a goal of enhancing product yield while improving furnace thermal efficiency and maximizing high heat transfer. For those plants with a furnace and sootblower system, any associated valves will be exposed to an extreme environment involving high temperatures, as well as potential abrasive scale and particulate build-up.

Due to these extreme temperatures, MOGAS metal-seated quarter-turn on / off valves are often chosen over temperature-limiting, soft-seated valves or traditional gate valves that have exposed sealing surfaces. Frequently located at the bottom of the furnace, this hot and dirty location warrants a dependable valve that can endure such punishing conditions and requires low maintenance.

MOGAS valves have also been selected as part of the sootblower systems where ash and particulate build-up can be a major concern. Sootblowers use water, air or steam to remove deposits from the tubes—and these abrasive media can be damaging to the sealing surfaces of isolation valves if left exposed. While in the open position, MOGAS ball valves’ sealing surfaces are not subject to the grueling effects of these particulates. Also engineered into the valve design are features to handle any potential build-up. Specific coatings have been developed to handle the abrasive nature of these rigorous conditions as well.

Furnace and Sootblower Process Flow Diagram
  1. Inlet Heater Pass Isolation
  2. Outlet Heater Pass Isolation
  3. Heater Pass Flow Control
  4. Upstream Block
  5. Bypass
  6. Downstream Block
  7. Intermittent Blowdown
  8. Continuous Blowdown
  9. Boil Out
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