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Valve Management Program

Providing you with insight and control of critical valves through an interactive valve database

The more you know about the valves critical to your operations, the more you can avoid downtime situations. The MOGAS Valve Management Program (VMP) gives you unprecedented insight and control.

The MOGAS VMP is built upon a confidential, client-specific interactive database that offers you several levels of real-time visibility, access and analysis. The program gives you capabilities such as:

Asset Management:

MOGAS can help you monitor and track your entire severe service ball valve inventory, so you know the status of every asset, whether it’s currently in service, inventory or repair.

Maintenance Contracts:

Contracted pricing means you don’t have to go through a bid process every time you need a repair. You also get the assurance of our unique OEM product knowledge.

Automatic Notification:

When you can anticipate repairs, you can prepare accordingly to protect your uptime requirements. The MOGAS VMP alerts you to imminent service issues and allows you to schedule valve rebuilds in synch with your overall maintenance plan.

Instant Knowledge:

Your data can be configured into customized reports and graphs that are immediately available to your authorized personnel, so you’re always well equipped to make informed decisions.

Standard Reports:

The MOGAS VMP contains a portfolio of easily accessible documentation, including:

  • Bill of Materials
  • Test Forms
  • Valve Assembly Drawings
  • Actuator Drawings
  • Coating Reports
  • Material Test Reports
  • Performance Analysis Reviews
  • Repair Documents
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