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Valves for Metals & Minerals

The most-trusted valve manufacturer for autoclave and slurry severe service applications in the metals and minerals industry

The metals and mining industries present extreme processing environments that severely punish most valves. Severe service metal-seated ball valves’ ability to operate and isolate in extreme environments with corrosive and abrasive solids has made them the preferred product for isolating and directing the flow of hot slurry within POx and HPAL autoclave applications and slurry systems. To withstand the harsh environment, these ball valves require protective thermal sprayed coatings to minimize wear and corrosion, maximizing valve sealing life in these severe applications.

Proven valves for autoclave and slurry pipelines

Over 84 percent of installed MOGAS valves across all industries are used in solids handling applications.

Here is where MOGAS technology truly shows its strength. As a result of our tenure and experience in this industry, we understand that the performance of any metal-seated ball valve is highly dependent on the quality, consistency and property enhancement of any applied protective coating. Our patented nanostructured titanium dioxide coating has shown superior corrosion and abrasion resistance for over a decade. Because of the proven ability of our products and coatings to meet the industry demands for improved efficiency, reduced operating cost and longer life for critical equipment, MOGAS has been a dominant critical valve manufacturer in the metals and minerals industry.

Our severe service ball valves have continually and successfully performed in autoclave and slurry transport pipelines applications worldwide. Through continued R&D programs, solid proven designs and innovative coatings, along with superior service and valve management partnerships, MOGAS has earned a distinct reputation as a leader in finding solutions to problems that plague the most severe applications.

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