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Reliable switching valve for delayed coker services

ASME 600 – 900 Class: Reliable Switching

MOGAS’ strength is recognized in the harsh environments where reliability, durability and safety are the foundation of successful plant processes.

The DV-4 switch valve features many advantages over existing ball or plug valves on the market today. Backed by innovative R&D, world renowned after sales service and a reputation for quality, the DV-4 represents product advancements in delayed coking switching operations.

Sizes 6-16 in (160-400 dn)
Class ASME 600 / 900 Class
Body Material A217-C12, A217-C12A, A351-CF8M, A182-F9,
A182-F91, A182-F316
Connections RFF or RTJ
Required Purging Type II (Body), Type III (Drain)

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  • Delayed Coking

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