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Preferred isolation and control valves for chemical plant and petrochemical plant separators.

Separators can be both pre and post the furnace / reactor to separate phases or pre-filter the raw materials or feedstock, as well as part of the extraction process. Usually, there are multiple separator systems to handle the different phases of purification of the end product, as well as initiator recovery for recycling. Isolating the different separators for maintenance and repair requires a reliable isolation on/off valve.

Pre and post the separators can involve the entrance and exit of media at different velocities, temperatures / pressures, consistencies and textures. This part of the plant is subject to constant maintenance because the activity that takes place in the separators is critical to safe operation of the process, and can impact overall quality and operation. The isolation valves have to be able to handle everything from viscous sludge to high temperature / pressure to dangerous gases to punishing particulates. The quick quarter-turn non-rising stem design, coupled with unique trim selection and dependable sealing, make the MOGAS metal-seated ball valve the preferred isolation valve choice.

Also associated around the separators are essential control valves. Often these valves are utilized in the leveling and de-pressurization systems that are connected to the separators. MOGAS control valves with FlexStream® rotary control technology usually have an overall footprint that is considerably smaller than the traditional linear control valve options, saving costly design space for extra piping.

Separator System Process Flow Diagram
  1. Feed Emergency Block Isolation
  2. Pressure Control
  3. Manual Isolation for Pressure Control
  4. Product Isolation
  5. Product Level Control
  6. Manual Isolation Level Control
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