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Providing severe service isolation valves for the heavy coking visbreaking process

During the visbreaking process, heavy coking of major equipment occurs frequently, thus requiring isolation valves to shutoff soundly and reliably for decoking operations.

MOGAS C-Series valves, with their expertly engineered trim configuration, provides 100 percent reliability during the most severe operations and significantly reduces downtime when compared to conventional gate designs. For applications where heavy coking occurs, MOGAS also offers valves equipped with a continuous, intermittent purge system that removes troublesome coke buildup from seats and body cavities.

Operating Conditions:
  • High Temperatures: 500– 900° F
  • High Cycles
  • Temperature Cycling
  • HP Steam Blowdown
  • Coking Service
  • Erosive Conditions
  • High Pressure Water Service

Visbreaking Process Flow Diagram
  1. Feed Isolation
  2. Visbreaker Furnace Isolation
  3. Automated Soaker Drum Isolation
  4. Manual Soaker Drum Isolation
  5. Frac Tower Bottoms Emergency Block
  6. Frac Bottoms Pump Isolation
  7. Heavy Vacuum Gas Oil Stripper Emergency Block
  8. Frac Tower Bottom Heat Exchanger Isolation
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