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Case Studies

Real challenges. Lasting solutions. Proven results.

Chemical / Petrochemical

LDPE Recycle Gas Cooler case study

Application: Recycle Gas Cooler Isolation

This Gulf Coast plant reduced their downtime from 1700 hours per year to a mere 7 hours due to MOGAS understanding the plant's unique process conditions.
Download LDPE Recycle Gas Cooler case study

Ultrahigh-pressure LDPE

Application: Ethylene Gas / Discharge Cooler Units

An international chemical company needed a valve solution to meet a working pressure over 42,000 psi at elevated temperatures. MOGAS found the solution after years of R&D.
Download Ultrahigh-pressure LDPE


POx Autoclave Operation case study

Application: Autoclave

Read how this POx autoclave avoided many unplanned shutdowns and now boasts better than 93% run time on their autoclaves.
Download POx Autoclave Operation case study

Slurry Ore case study

Application: Slurry Transport

The operation required 180 cycles without repair. MOGAS achieved 818. And it didn't stop there.
Download Slurry Ore case study

Seawater Transport case study

Seawater Transportation

Corrosion and particulates caused repeated repairs to a 36-inch trunnion valve that transported sea water, affecting a mining operation's profitability. 
Download Seawater Transport case study


Ebullated Bed case study

Application: Hydrocracking and Catalyst Addition and Withdrawal

Shortly after start-up, the refiner experienced buyer’s regret when the plant was not able to stay online as expected.
Download Ebullated Bed case study

Water Cutting Pump Isolation case study

Application: Water Cutting Pump Isolation in Delayed Coker

Water from persistently leaking valves ruined the thermal insulation on a coke drum and posed significant financial and personnel safety issues.
Download Water Cutting Pump Isolation case study

Delayed Coker Switching case study

Delayed Coking

For years, a delayed coking unit in a heavy oils processing plant accepted as ‘normal’ from their existing switch valve OEM the issues in their switching operation.
Download Delayed Coker Switching case study
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