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Gas Injection

Valves that meet requirements for harsh environments during oil and gas recovery


After primary and secondary oil recovery methods are applied, EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) and EGR (Enhanced Gas Recovery) are used to substantially improve extraction efficiencies and maximize well output. These tertiary recoveries introduce fluids or gases (miscible carbon dioxide, oxygen, air or steam) that reduces viscosity and improves flow.

Valves in this service are expected to handle some of toughest operating conditions in the oil & gas industry. Therefore, they are designed and manufactured to meet stringent requirements in terms of materials, quality, inspection, cycle duty and safety levels.

Engineered Solutions

MOGAS valves handle high pressures, entrained particulates, and harsh environments, such as sour gas, during a variety of methods used to increase production of gas and oil reservoirs and extend the life of conventional wells. Valve features include:

  • Recessed metal seats are shielded from continual exposure to the process flow and particulate erosion
  • Robust forged bodies and end connections have greater wall thickness in critical areas
  • Heavy duty mounting bracket minimizes stresses and maintains precise stem alignment
  • Blow-out proof stem is fully supported
  • Dual delta gasket sealing between the body and end connect as well as the body and bonnet protect against any body leakage
  • Packing area is protected from potential particulate erosion
  • Live loaded packing ensures constant packing energization
  • Quick-quarter turn operation of non-rising stem does not pull destructive particles through the interior diameter of packing area
  • Sealing surfaces (ball and seat face) are in permanent contact throughout its 90-degree operation
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