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spargers and dip tubes
Spargers and dip tubes endure thermal exposure, corrosive attack and continuous solids abrasion as a result of injecting oxygen, cooling water and potentially steam into the agitation zone.

Sparges and Dip Tubes

MOGAS' autoclave sparge system supplies pure, high pressure oxygen and quench water into the slurry. In many cases it is also used to heat the various autoclave compartments with steam during start up.  

These sparge tubes are exposed to a wide variety of severe conditions including thermal cycling, corrosion and wear, driven by the vigorous agitation of abrasive solids in the slurry, not to mention operational issues with blockages .  

Exotic materials and coatings are frequently used to stand up to these severe conditions over the course of the operational campaign. MOGAS can maintain existing sparge systems (repair or replace), and also has the capability to perform optimization through simulations and laboratory testing.

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