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Industry Knowledge

Engineering and service employees with broad operational and maintenance experience in the field.

In plants where key unit personnel have years of site experience, problems can be anticipated and solutions planned in advance because of their accrued knowledge. But, as more experienced personnel ‘age out’, the depth of knowledge is not being transferred to their younger replacements. This brain drain is compounded by the newly rotated unit personnel who have to come up to speed with the unit’s history of equipment and maintenance schedules, all without being able to lean on the experienced guy who has been moved on to another unit.

We employ industry experts and engineers with extensive field experience.

MOGAS understands the problems of severe service environments because we employ tenured industry experts and engineers with extensive field experience and valve knowledge. Many of our engineering and service employees have years of operational and maintenance experience in the field, not only with valves, but with controls, instrumentation, processes and systems. This means not only do we understand which valves operate under what conditions, what's easy to fix, what works and what doesn't, we also understand operational issues such as, how start-up or shut-down procedures are implemented, and can foresee problems not often anticipated by your maintenance team. And by continuing to stay involved in the field and working with our customers, we increase our knowledge and are able to share valuable lessons learned.

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