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FlexStream Benefits


High rangeability means better process control.

Maintaining control between high- and low-flow extremes can be a challenge for conventional valves, which often require split-range configurations to accommodate the wide range of flow requirements. With its unique control element, FlexStream® offers a rangeability that’s almost unlimited, which means you can replace two or more valves with one valve that can do it all.

Typical split-range flow control
FlexStream flow control


High rangeability means fewer valves.

Valves using FlexStream® technology excel in applications where a main valve and bypass valve are required, since the exceptionally high rangeability allows you to replace both valves with a single valve, as shown in this example.

Typical control valve configuration
Simplified FlexStream configuration


Simplified configuration means less infrastructure.

Thanks to the improved rangeability and characterization, the need for additional valves and bypass configurations is eliminated. Compare this to a conventional rising-stem globe valve, which requires multiple pipe turns and lengthy pipe runs, or sideways mounting, to accommodate valve installation.

Simplified configuration means:

  • Reduced material and infrastructure costs
  • Less weight
  • Less piping support
  • Greater installation flexibility
  • Reduced spare parts inventory


Smaller envelope means cost savings.

With FlexStream® technology, big control comes in a smaller package. Variable characterization offers reduced bore and valve sizes, resulting in a smaller overall dimensional envelope than conventional rising-stem globe valves. The more compact design allows for cost savings that can be repurposed for other plant needs.

A smaller overall dimensional envelope means:

  • Smaller bore
  • Smaller valve body
  • Less weight
  • Reduced height
  • Reduced pipe size and supporting hardware
Smaller envelope with equivalent Cv

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