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Power Generation

One powerful partner providing ball valves for severe service application in the power generation industry.

Many MOGAS iRSVP valves in HRSG drain applications in power plant.

MOGAS is well known throughout the power industry because we solve issues that routinely plague power generation plants – leaking valves, seat erosion, blown packing, and the inability to isolate critical equipment – all of which contribute to significant heat rate loss and safety concerns.

What sets MOGAS apart is more than just our utilization of sound design, manufacturing and testing practices. We’ve made it a habit to carefully listen to our end-users’ performance issues and goals, and we’ve taken their feedback into consideration when engineering each and every component of our ball valve line for the power generation industry.

No leakage, limited maintenance and superior reliability, make a MOGAS valve the easiest and most cost effective valve to operate. Our portfolio of power plant ball valve solutions lets you choose the design, trim, materials, and coatings that best fit your severe service application.

MOGAS valves meet the following standards:

  • Stamped with the ASME “V” stamp
  • PED compliant for the European Union
  • Leakage rates per MSS SP-61
  • Shell tests performed at 1.5 max cold working pressure
  • Seat closure tests performed at 1.1 max cold working pressure

MOGAS provides its advanced technology to the power industry with the iRSVP, ISOLATOR 2.0, PORV, C-Series, T-Series, SC-3PC, G-Series and Gen-X valve lines to handle high temperatures, high pressures, high cycling, thermal shock and abrasive media.

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