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Combined Cycle

Valve solutions for quick startups in the combined cycle power plant.

Process flow diagram showing a typical combined cycle power plant. With the integration of two powerful movers – both gas turbine engine and steam turbine engine – the combined cycle power plant has the capacity to produce tremendous amounts of power on short notice with its quick start-up time. Quick start-ups, however, can be brutal on a turbine valve population and ultimately cause the breakdown of surface coatings and destroy packing arrangements.

MOGAS understands the unique challenges of the combine cycle plant and has done extensive research at plant sites to better understand how the thermal power cycle affects turbine valve components. It was realized that the mechanically bonded coatings, such as HVOF applied Chrome Carbide, had a tendency to crack and flake off causing leak-by and possibly lock-up. Innovations were then made to fuse our coating to the base material creating a metallurgical bonded coating. Since this, we have enjoyed flawless performance and extended longevity.


MOGAS Valve Installations — Typical Combined Cycle Power Plant

  • A – Feedwater System

    • Deaerator Vent / Instrument Isolation
    • Isolation Valves on Bypass Lines
    • Extraction Steam Drain / Orifice Isolation
  • B – HRSG

    • BFP Discharge Isolation
    • BFP Shell or Case Drain
    • BFP Minimum Flow Isolation
    • BFP Warming Line Isolation / Drain
    • Reheat / Superheat Spray Root Isolation
    • Feedwater Heater Isolation / Bypass
    • Bypass Valves
    • Shell Side Vent / Instrument Isolation
    • Tube Side Drain / Instrument Isolation
    • Drum Blowdown Root Valve / Isolation Vents
    • Drum Instrument Isolation
    • Sight-Glass Isolation / Drain
    • Water Wall Drain / Vent / Instrument Isolation
    • Tandem Blowdown
    • Mass Boiler Blowdown
    • Primary Superheat Drain / Vent / Instrument Isolation
    • Secondary Superheat Drain / Vent / Instrument Isolation
    • Reheat Drain / Vent / Instrument Isolation
    • Superheat Spray Isolation
    • Superheater Spray Automated Blocking
    • Reheater Spray Isolation Blocking
    • LP Section HRSG Tube Drains
    • IP Section HRSG Tube Drains
    • HP Section HRSG Tube Drains
    • Automated Bottom Blowdown
    • SCR Steam Induction Isolation
  • C – HP Turbine Steam Supply and Extraction Systems

    • Supply & Extraction Systems
    • Main Steam Drain / Root Drain
    • Main Steam Before & After Seat Drain / Root Drain
    • Main Steam Lead Drain / Root Drain
    • Turbine Bypass Isolation
    • Bypass Valves
  • D – IP & LP Turbine Steam Supply and Extraction Systems

    • Supply Extraction Systems
    • Hot Reheat Drain / Root Drain
    • Hot Reheat at the CRV Drain / Root Drain
    • IP & LP Turbine Extraction Drain / Orifice Isolation
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