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Pressure safety system features shut down valves for LNG and gas storage systems.


High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS) are designed to reduce the risk if the pressure of a system exceeds its design pressure. With today’s requirements for higher flow rates and pressures, the ability to lock-in pressure using a performance-based, non-descriptive framework and life-cycle data is required. These systems include emergency shutdown valves, pressure sensors, fail safe actuation, partial-stroke testing and a logic solver—all with built-in redundancy in a skid-mounted package.

HIPPS systems are used in the oil and gas industry, LNG facilities and transport and storage systems to ensure the safety of pipelines, piping, vessels and process packages. Regardless of what application, any containment loss due to over-pressurization is a critical issue.

Engineered Solutions

MOGAS provides systems based on IEC 61508 that focus on Electrical / Electronic / Programmable Safety-related systems. This standard also provides an outline for safety-related systems based on other mechanical relay type systems.

MOGAS also uses IEC 61511 that was introduced by the IEC for the designers, integrators and users of safety instrumented systems (SIL). This standard covers the other equipment such as valves, actuators, solenoid valves, limit switches, and partial stroke devices that make up the complete safety loop / system.

A typical MOGAS HIPPS package includes the following:

  • Emergency shutdown valves
  • Pressure sensor voting system
  • Solid state PLC or hard-wired relay logic system
  • SIL 3 FM certified IEC 61508
  • Class 1 Zone 2 IIC T4
  • Fail-safe actuator
  • Skid-mounted system can be provided, if desired
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