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Coating & Cladding

MOGAS trunnion valve being applied with HVOF chromium carbide
MOGAS 24-inch T-Series trunnion valve being applied with MH-831 HVOF Chromium Carbide with nickel chrome binder isolates Butene-1 / ethylene in a US chemical plant.


Conditions such as abrasive media, high cycling and extreme temperatures can greatly affect the operations of mechanical equipment. Coatings are often critical to not only the performance of the valve, but also the longevity of the equipment in a particular environment. 

Often the success of a coating depends upon proper selection of the base material and the coating, along with the method in which the coating is applied—all as a complete system. MOGAS offers a range of mechanically and metallurgically bonded coatings, applied with absolute accuracy for optimum  thickness while maintaining precise design tolerances and dimensions.

Through MOGAS Surface Technologies, a wide selection of coatings are available to best serve each particular process area. Coatings must handle a variety of challenges such as erosion, corrosion, pitting, chemical attack / corrosion, wear, material build-up, etc. Challenges that MOGAS meets head-on with experience, world class engineering and the very latest in material science.

MOGAS ML-381 cladding on autoclave agitator blade
MOGAS patented ML-381 laser clad titanium overlay on autoclave agitator blades extended operations in a high pressure acid environment by 300%.

Autoclave Components

Corrosion and erosion are major challenges in the mining industry’s high pressure acid leaching (HPAL) environment to separate nickel from laterite ores.

In these conditions, agitator blades are exposed to a combination of high shear, tip speed and temperature, in the effective mixing of abrasive solids, acid and solution. Increasing the service life of these blades will reduce shutdowns and lower production costs.

MOGAS Surface Technologies works with the mining operation to understand the wear characteristics of the agitator assembly. This understanding enables MOGAS to develop a proprietary hardfacing solutions.

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