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1-butene (AlphaButol)

MOGAS valves deliver repeatable and lasting isolation in the manufacturing of 1-butene.

T-Series valve install for 1-butene production
The installation of this 24-inch, ASME 300 Class T-Series trunnion was one of nearly 1800 valves for the start-up production of 1-butene.

1-Butene is an organic chemical compound, and is a highly flammable, easily condensed gas. AlphaButol® is a licensed process for the production of 1-butene made by the dimerization of ethylene, which is used in Olefin conversion in the production of certain kinds of polyethylene.

As 1-butene cools in the production process, a viscous sludge solidifies as a rubbery compound that hardens on valve internals.

MOGAS’ strength lies in our technical knowledge and value we add to an often complex solution. MOGAS had worked with the AlphaButol licensor on other projects for well over 20 years. In this application, MOGAS valves offered repeatable and absolute isolation in a severe service, which also allowed periodic online cleaning of other equipment.

Typical Operating Conditions:
  • High temperature: 30 – 550° F (0 – 290° C)
  • High pressure: 125 – 500 psig (8.6 – 34 bar g)
  • High pressure / temperature hydrocarbons
  • Rubbery, sticky compound that hardens on valve internals
  • Viscous sludge
  • High-pressure steam

AlphaButol® Process Flow Diagram
  1. Reactor Outlet
  2. Reactor Drain
  3. Manual Reactor Outlet
  4. Pump
  5. Manual Heat Exchange
  6. Heat Exchange
  7. Manual Reactor Outlet
  8. Reactor Outlet
  9. Ethlyene Recycle
  10. C4 Vapor (Unrefined 1-Butyne)
  • Heat Exchanger (not shown)
  • General Ball Valves (not shown)
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