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MOGAS Pneumatic Actuators

Spring-return and double-acting pneumatic actuators

MOGAS rack and pinion pneumatic actuators are designed for all quarter turn applications on ball, butterfly and plug valves and dampers. They can be supplied as spring return or double acting and offer a wide range of output torques.

MOGAS can also supply electric actuators.

Pneumatic actuator accessories include:

  • switches    
  • solenoids
  • pilots
  • quick exhausts
  • volume boosters
  • flow control valve
  • speed controls
  • bug screens
  • mufflers
  • manual block and vent

Contact MOGAS at 281.449.0291 for more details.
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General Specifications


Spring-return up to 37,161 in-lb (4,199 N.m)
Double-acting up to 116,618 in-lb (13,024 N.m)

Operating Temperature Options

from –40 to +302º F (–40 to +150º C)


90º with ±5º adjustment in each direction

Air Pressure

30 to 120 psi (2 to 8 bar)

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