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Compressor Protection

Rotary control anti-surge valves designed to protect compressors and ensure smooth, fast operation


Compressors are a crucial part of many processes where the media requires compression in order to move along the system. These compressors are set for particular conditions where any instability in the control valve will create a system trip. In the event of a trip, the control valve must open extremely fast to ensure that the gas is recycled around the compressor to avoid internal damage to the compressor. Anti-Surge / recycle control valves should always be designed to minimize the valve’s internal forces that may work against precise control, stability and fast operation. If the anti-surge control valves are inadequate, costly investments in the compressor will be jeopardized or even destroyed.

Engineered Solutions

  • handle high ΔP in liquids, gases and multi-phase flow to combat energy absorption, velocity, cavitation and noise
  • withstand high temperatures as well as high pressures, corrosive applications, abrasive entrained particulates and other critical conditions
  • provide accurate positioning during compressor commissioning and throughout the normal operation of demand changes on the compressor

Features include:

  • FlexStream’s rangeability is rated at greater than 500.1
  • MOGAS control valves can stroke to a fully open position in less than a second
  • When not in full-stroke mode, MOGAS control valves can still meet stroking time and stability requirements.
  • Recessed metal seats are shielded from continual exposure to the process flow and particulate erosion
  • Noise abatement up to 85dBA during recycle, 105 dBA at trip instance
  • Packing area is protected from potential particulate erosion
  • Materials and coatings on ball and seats have compatible thermal growth rates (rapid temperature changes) to prevent bond failure and valve seizure
  • Quick quarter-turn operation of non-rising stem does not pull destructive particles through the interior diameter of packing area
  • Live loaded packing ensures constant packing energization, even after several thermal cycles
  • Sealing surfaces (ball and seat face) are in permanent contact throughout its 90-degree operation
  • Non-rising stem design allows for greater number of cycles
  • Stem integrity is maintained with anti-blowout stem design while fugitive emissions are mitigated

Valve Type Comparison



MOGAS FlexStream®

Linear Globe Valve


Quarter-turn gives excellent stability Over-travel results in poor control
  Quarter-turn gives excellent control Plug mass results in poor stability


Designed for overcapacity Limited overcapacity capability
  Compact construction Infrastructure issues due to size and weight


Virtually unlimited Inefficient use of space
  Rotary construction efficiently uses space Design not suited to compressor curve (linear)
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