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Cycling up to 100,000 times with no degradation in valve shutoff performance

It is not surprising that the evolution of the reforming process, from semi-regenerative to continuous, has placed increased performance demand on catalyst movement valves.

MOGAS has responded with coatings that can cycle up to 100,000 times with no degradation in shutoff performance. So it is no wonder that the leading licensor of the reforming process, with more than 600 units installed globally, has named MOGAS isolation valves in their specification package. MOGAS has also developed a spring-loaded packing design to eliminate hydrogen leakage and prevent potential fires within an operating unit.

Operating Conditions:
  • High Temperatures: 300 – 600° F
  • High Pressure, High Temperature Hydrogen
  • High Pressure, High Temperature Catalyst Handling
  • High Cycles
  • Bi-directional shutoff in the presence of H2

CCR Process Flow Diagram
  1. Automated Reactor Overhead Purge
  2. Automated Reactor Overhead Regeneration
  3. Manual Standby Reduction Zone Purge
  4. Manual Reactor Bottoms Unloading Valve
  5. Automated Reactor Bottoms Unloading Valve (qty. 2)
  6. Manual Hydrogen Loading to Lockhopper 1
  7. Manual Hydrogen Vent for Lockhopper 1 & 2
  8. Manual Nitrogen Purge for Lockhopper 1 & 2
  9. Manual Catalyst to Lift Engager 1 & 2
  10. Automated Catalyst to Lift Engager 1 & 2 (qty. 2 each)
  11. Manual Air Valve to Regeneration Cooler
  12. Manual Air Valve to Surge Hopper
  13. Automated Fresh Catalyst Addition
  14. Manual Regen Catalyst Unloading from Surge Hopper
  15. Automated Regen Catalyst Unloading from Surge Hopper (qty. 2)
  16. Manual Pressure Balancing for Lockhopper / Lift Engager 
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