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Preventing catastrophic incidents in the refining industry with emergency isolation valves

Anyone who works in the refining industry understands its inherent dangers, not the least of which is the hazardous nature of the materials involved. In the case of refining, crude oil’s flammable nature is a constant concern.

MOGAS, in partnership with major oil companies, has developed a reliable emergency system that isolates the main tower and side strippers so that large amounts of crude present in these vessels cannot aggravate a flame, keeping a potential fire from becoming catastrophic. The MOGAS solution has worked so effectively that some companies have incorporated the system into their “Best Practices” design manuals.

Operating Conditions:
  • High Temperatures: 500–900° F
  • Coking Service
  • Temperature Cycling
  • Erosive Conditions
  • Vacuum

    Vacuum Distillation Process Flow Diagram
    1. Feed Isolation
    2. Heavy Vacuum Gas Oil Pump Emergency Block
    3. Vacuum Tower Bottoms Emergency Block
    4. Vacuum Bottoms Pump Isolation
    5. Vacuum Bottoms Exchanger Isolation
  • Atmospheric

    Atmospheric Crude Distillation Process Flow Diagram
    1. Feed Isolation
    2. Atmospheric Bottoms Emergency Block
    3. Atmospheric Bottoms Pump Isolation
    4. Atmospheric Gas Oil Stripper Emergency Block
    5. Atmospheric Bottoms Exchanger Isolation
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