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Dryer Sequence (Mol Sieve)

Dependable shut-off in LNG molecular sieve applications


Molecular sieve dehydration (MSD) is used to remove water from natural gas. There are multiple columns filled with desiccant and the gas feed is cycled through adsorption, regeneration and cooling vessels.

Engineered Solutions

MOGAS isolation valves for LNG handle high and low temperatures, entrained particulates, thermal shock and high cycling with dependable shut-off over many years of service. Valve features include:

  • Recessed metal seats are shielded from continual exposure to the process flow and particulate erosion
  • Ball is wiped clean with each operation of the valve by sharp leading edges of seat ring dismissing particulate build-up
  • Packing area is protected from potential particulate erosion
  • Materials and coatings on ball and seats have compatible thermal growth rates (rapid temperature changes) to prevent bond failure and valve seizure
  • Quick quarter-turn operation of non-rising stem does not pull destructive particles through the interior diameter of packing area
  • Live loaded packing ensures constant packing energization, even after several thermal cycles
  • Sealing surfaces (ball and seat face) are in permanent contact throughout its 90-degree operation
  • Withstands thermal shock with sufficient clearance between seat back and seat pocket
  • Non-rising stem design allows for greater number of cycles and meets EPA VOC emissions standards
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