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Full-ported valve design and purging provides 100 percent reliability in asphaltene applications

When producing deasphalted oil (DAO) for hydroprocessing and catalytic cracking, the deasphalting process naturally creates heavy asphaltene buildup.

MOGAS' C-Series full-ported valve design offers 100 percent reliability in all asphaltene and DAO applications. That’s because MOGAS valves are equipped with a continuous, intermittent purge system that removes troublesome asphaltene build-up from seats and body cavities.

Operating Conditions:
  • High Temperatures: 500– 900° F
  • Coking Service
  • Temperature Cycling
  • Erosive Conditions
  • Asphaltene Formation

Deasphalting Process Flow Diagram
  1. Feed Isolation
  2. Solvent Circulating Pump Isolation
  3. Asphaltene Separator Emergency Block
  4. Asphaltine Exchanger Isolation
  5. Solvent Surge Drum Emergency Block
  6. Deasphalted Oil Separator Emergency Block
  7. Asphaltine Stripper Isolation
  8. Deasphalted Oil Stripper Isolation