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Customizable isolation valves for specific applications

ASME 150 – 4500 Class: Dependable Isolation

The C-Series valve is the best choice in large bore isolation applications. MOGAS engineers have successfully designed the C-Series valve line which isolates under the extreme conditions – high temperature up to 1652°F (900°C), high pressures up to 43,000 psig (2965 bar g), media build-up, cycling with solids in the line and erosive attack of materials and coatings. With more than 40 years of engineering expertise, each C-Series valve is designed specifically for the application.

Each ball and seat subassembly is mate-lapped by hand and put through a rigorous testing procedure to ensure its integrity. The C-Series valve is available in full or reduced bore, ½ inch to 42 inches and in a wide variety of end connections.

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Application Specific Features

Seat designs

Engineered for maximum performance in application-specific conditions

Live-loaded packing
  • Ensures constant packing energization
  • Prevents stem packing leaks and risk of fugitive emissions
Body Gaskets

Pressure energized body gasket available to meet industry codes.

  • Application-specific materials available, including exotics
  • Extends valve life

Application-specific coatings provide enhanced erosion and corrosion resistance

Liners and inlays

Liners and inlays can be applied to the through-bore or wetted surfaces

Purge ports

Purge ports are available

End connections

Available end connections include flanged, welded, hub/clamp or RTJ

Power Generation
  • Control valve isolation
  • Main steam isolation
  • Feedwater heater isolation
  • Boiler feed pump isolation
  • Economizer isolation
  • Bottom ash isolation
  • Isolation applications
  • Autoclaves
  • Slurry transport
  • Catalyst slurry handling
  • Coal slurry handling / ash removal
  • Heavy oil units
  • Hydrogen isolation
  • Hydrotreating units
  • Isolation in coker units
  • Isolation in FCCU applications
Petrochemical / Chemical
  • Acetic acid handling
  • Catalyst handling
  • DOWTHERMTM handling
  • Gas furnace isolation
  • Lethal services
  • Polyethylene isolation
  • Polypropylene isolation

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