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Catalytic Cracking

Valves specially designed to withstand the harsh fluidized catalytic cracking process

In the catalytic cracking process of converting hydrocarbons to value-added products, erosive catalysts can wreak havoc on valves. MOGAS has engineered a line of valves that are specially designed to handle the powdery, ultra-high temperature catalysts used during the removal process from the regenerator. In some cases the catalyst is carried over into the fractionator and is very erosive to gate and globe style valves.

MOGAS full-ported ball valves with special coatings outperform and out last other valves designs. And in applications where heavy coking occurs, MOGAS offers an intermittent / continuous purge system to remove the coke buildup from seats and body cavities.

Operating Conditions:
  • Ultra-high Temperatures: 800–1500° F
  • Coking Service
  • Fine Powdery Catalyst Handling
  • Ammonium Bisulfide Corrosion
  • Polythionic Acid Corrosion
  • Erosive Conditions

FCC Process Flow Diagram
  1. Flue Gas Control
  2. Third Stage Separator Isolation
  3. Fourth Stage Separator Isolation
  4. Spent Catalyst Storage Hopper Isolation
  5. Feed Drum Emergency Block
  6. Throttling Spent Catalyst Withdrawal
  7. Spent Catalyst Withdrawal Emergency Block
  8. Spent Catalyst Withdrawal Root Isolation
  9. Slurry Feed Isolation
  10. Frac Bottoms Emergency Block
  11. Frac Tower Bottoms Filter Isolation
  12. Frac Bottoms Exchanger Isolation
  13. Wet Gas Compressor Surge Control
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