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FlexStream® Control Valve Technology

Flow control technology that provides application specific flexibility

FlexStream® control technology.

The internal control elements (or trim) use flow paths of various configurations to control flow and pressure drop. This compact trim configuration, located downstream of the seat, consists of a diffusion element and a control element.

1    The diffusion element splits and aligns the flow through an arrangement of straight paths.

2    The control element reduces the flow velocity through an arrangement of tortuous flow paths and open area.

The variable characterization of the control element allows precise pressure letdown and superior velocity control tailored to specific process conditions.

Variable characterization.

Flexstream® technology offers you precise flow control through a combination of variable characterization methods available in the control element.

1    Path characterization. Varies the number of turns, or letdown stages, in the passageways (straight-through or up to 24 turns).

2    Fill characterization. Varies the amount of control area within the bore (from 30 to 100 percent).

3    Pattern characterization. Varies the quantity, style, size and arrangement of passageways that fill the control area.


Path characterization for velocity control.

Pressure can be reduced by directing fluid flow through a right angle. By cascading pressure over a series of right angle turns—the tortuous flow path—the pressure drop at each stage is evenly distributed. The tortuous flow path expands at each right angle turn to allow for volumetric expansion, ensuring velocity will not be increased.

The larger the pressure drop, the more turns are required to control velocity. Path characterization varies the number of turns, or letdown stages, in the passageways. Up to 24 turns can be used to customize solutions for high-pressure differential applications, providing better control of:

  • Velocity
  • Noise
  • Vibration
  • Erosion


Fill characterization for high rangeability.

The control element consists of a control area 1 with multi-stage tortuous paths, and an open area 2 for unrestricted flow. Fill characterization varies the amount of control area within the bore from 30 to 100 percent, depending on flow conditions, pressure drop, noise level and outlet velocity required.

The combination of control area and open area provides exceptional flow control for applications that require high rangeability. The control area is used for higher pressure drop, lower flow conditions, while the open area provides lower pressure drop, higher flow coverage and uninterrupted flow capacity required in many applications.


Pattern characterization for precision modulation.

To further provide precise control at every stage of valve opening, pattern characterization varies the quantity, style, size and arrangement of passageways that fill the control area. Some passageways can be small with several stages of letdown, while other passageways progressively increase in size while reducing pressure letdown.

These combinations of variable characterization allow application-specific designs that provide ideal performance and extended valve life.


Unprecedented Flexibility
  • Pressure control of gases, multi-phase fluids and liquids
  • Custom trim engineered for high ΔP applications
  • Precision modulation
  • High rangeability and characterization
  • Multi-stage letdown
  • Limitation of velocity and vibration
  • Reduction of noise
  • Reduction of flashing erosion
  • Often smaller dimensional envelope than a traditional control valve
  • Greater Cv per inch compared to competition
  • Dependable emissions control
  • Proprietary sizing program
Advantages Surpass Traditional Control Valves
  • Innovative design that delivers all the control of a traditional globe or axial valve
  • Utilizes standard rotary ball valve technology
  • Cost per Cv much lower than traditional control valves
  • Footprint much smaller than traditional, larger control valves
  • Exceptionally high rangeability
Oil & Gas
Exploration & Production
  • High Pressure Separator Letdown
  • Water and Gas Injection
  • Pump Recirculation
  • Choke and Gas Lift
  • Compressor Recycle
Production & Handling
  • Compressor Recycle and Anti-surge
  • Compressor Hot Gas Bypass
  • Feed Gas Regulation
  • Depressurization (Modulating and On/Off)
  • Pressure Control
Transportation & Storage
  • Tank/Cavern Fill and Withdraw
  • Pump Recirculation
  • Metering Flow Control
  • Pressure Control
  • Pipeline Fill
Floating LNG / FPSO
  • Compressor Recycle and Anti-surge
  • Compressor Hot Gas Bypass
  • Depressurization (Modulating and On/Off)
  • Pressure Control
  • Feed Gas Regulation
  • HP Steam Separator
  • Boiler Blowdown
  • Steam Header
  • Steam Injection
  • Main Feedpump Recirculation
  • Condensate Recovery/Pump Recirculation
  • Feed Water Regulation
  • Deaerator Level Control
  • Flashtank Level Control
  • Emergency Depressurization
  • Compressor Anti-surge/Recycle (Wet Gas Compressor)
  • Hydrocarbon Gas-to-Flare
  • Coke Drum Blowdown
  • Feed Gas Regulation
Chemical /Petrochemical
  • Compressor Recycle and Anti-surge
  • Blowdown to Flare
  • Vent Discharge
  • Depressurization
  • Pressure Control

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