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Project Execution

Flow chart of workflow of MOGAS project management for large orders

At MOGAS, when you place an order for a large quantity of valves, you have not only chosen a quality product but a high performance project management team as well. The coordination of the order is an integral part of the total MOGAS experience. There are two key resources that are critical to the success of large order project management:

  • Commercial Lead
  • Technical lead

The primary responsibility of the order resides with the Commercial Lead who works closely with the Technical Lead. Together they will oversee the progression of your purchase order from initiation to completion.

During the early quotation phase, you would have already dealt with an Industry Sales Manager and/or an Industry-Specific Inside Sales Specialist. By having an industry specific expert, you get the years of knowledge these individuals have gained about understanding the unique terms, specifications, materials, industry standards and requirements of your particular market’s processes and applications.

Global Availability

Not all valve manufacturers service their own valves. We do. In fact, we have MOGAS-owned and authorized repair centers in China, Australia, Canada, North and South America, Africa, The Middle East, Europe and India that are staffed with MOGAS-trained technicians who provide the same high level of service, on-site assistance and engineering support found at our corporate service center in Houston.

Anytime. Anywhere. Servicing what we build helps us make better valves.

Investigative Analysis

During valve servicing, we are open and transparent. We welcome you to witness the tear down and refurbishment of your valve, and we’ll provide you with an inspection report of our findings and the work performed. This type of partnership benefits both parties because part of the valve solution cycle is also examining why valves fail. During a tear down, underperforming valves are analyzed to discover their weakest links. By finding out what works and what does not, improvements to design and material can be made. When we partner up, it’s a win-win.

Asset Management

Your plant’s efficiencies and reliability are driven by the performance of critical equipment. The more you know about the equipment that is critical to your operation, the more you can avoid unplanned downtime situations.

Plant managers look to MOGAS to provide solutions, such as the customizable valve and asset management program, MORE™. This type of partnership gives unprecedented insight and control of interactive databases that offer real time visibility, access and analysis. Additionally, unit walkdowns performed by experienced valve technicians, who use contemporary technology, capture valve performance data. All this data is not only valuable to valve engineers, who can analyze the dynamics and kinematics of each valve, but also transfers the unit’s valve history to new plant personnel.

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