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MOGAS Autoclave Technologies

Higher reliability. Improved mixing efficiency. Increased duration.

Pressure leaching ‘severe service’ challenges:

  • scale formation
  • settling
  • corrosion (acidic environment)
  • wear and erosion
  • high velocity and 3-phase flow
  • high oxygen concentration
  • blockages
  • abrasion
  • thermal shock

Specific to the autoclave industry, MOGAS has directly employed and strategically partnered with the best technical specialists, who support the start-up and ramp up to full production of high-pressure acid leach (HPAL) and pressure oxidation (POx) production plants globally.

These experienced operational and maintenance personnel have solid process understanding—a critical factor in the successful start-up of a high-pressure metallurgy process in an autoclave-based circuit, compared to a conventional atmospheric leach or concentrator plant.

This experience base provides input and a better understanding of the overall process circuit beyond autoclaves that advance valve and system designs specific to customer requirements. MOGAS can assess specific design aspects of the circuit to not only assimilate the current operational procedures, but to the underlying reasons for the way the procedures were developed—the ‘why’s’ to procedural steps, operational sequences or specific design features.

The majority of all autoclaves worldwide use MOGAS severe service technology.

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