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passing valve detection system (PVDS)
MOGAS passing valve detection system (PVDS) include unique sensor-based technology in isolation valves leak detection.

Passing Valve Detection System (PVDS)

MOGAS valve-mounted sensor technology will:

  • enhance operational safety
  • reduce maintenance costs through real-time detection of worn coatings
  • assist in pro-active planning of valve maintenance strategies

Autoclave end users can now achieve a higher level of safety and visibility of equipment integrity by installing MOGAS’ passing valve detection system. MOGAS autoclave technology monitors severe service valve health and condition, providing early notification of a valve leak path at levels currently unidentifiable by existing monitoring systems in similar high-temperature environments.

This technology underwent rigorous evaluation, development and trialing in a controlled workshop environment to prove the concept, establish sensitivity and identify installation, maintenance & optimization requirements before installation on a commercial site. These trials and commercial installations facilitated a better understanding of severe service applications.

Through investment in R&D, applied surface technologies and now also diversification into other applications around the autoclave, customers can maximize the value added to their operations, which will directly affect safety, operations, maintenance costs and production.

MOGAS has a history of proven, application-specific technology in the autoclave industry.

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