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Core Values

Our culture and core values are not something you teach; it is something one learns from being at MOGAS.

With their signature, each employee has expressed their personal commitment to a positive attitude, being responsible, integrity and to effectively communicate.

Company leaders spread the infectious culture and values by living them, by being an example, by bringing their own values to work, facing them, embracing them and living by them every day. By not requiring rote memory of a handsomely written statement, written word for word by the founder, but instead allowing each team member to live their own values, applying their own personal vision and their own specific core values to their work. The result is emotional commitment. You gain emotional commitment when you are living every minute of every day—your own personal values. Individual and team emotional commitment is what we have at MOGAS, and ladies and gentleman, that creates the greatest work place of all time.

V. Louis Mogas
Chairman, Owner and Founder

MOGAS Four Core Values

MOGAS core values were initially established by founder Louis Mogas in May 1973 when the company was known as Mogas Machine Works. They are our foundation and driving principles for our business behaviors, and have been re-evaluated over time to reflect what is important and unique at MOGAS.

  • Insanely customer centric
  • Embrace change
  • Be passionate
  • Do what's right
  • Attributes to MOGAS core values include:


    • There is only one team at MOGAS…and you’re on it.
    • A willing and positive attitude is the number one characteristic of MOGAS employees.
    • Be fearless — if you aren’t making any mistakes, you aren’t making enough decisions.
    • Work with a sense of urgency — respond to customers, vendors and fellow employees.
    • Make work fun.
  • Empowerment / Responsibility

    • Everyone is CEO of something.
    • People can go as far as they desire at MOGAS.
    • When you become aware of a problem, run to it — do not try to solve it from a distance.
    • If there is a snake in the room, don’t form a committee to decide what to do with it — kill it.
    • If you do not passionately love your work: change the company, change yourself or change jobs.
  • Integrity / Honesty

    • Be dependable, loyal, and live up to your commitments. Our employees, customers and vendors rely on us to do so.
    • Do what’s right. If there’s doubt, don’t do it.
    • Quality matters — quality always wins.
    • Tell the truth. The company needs open and honest communication, so we see the iceberg before we hit it.
    • Put people before profits.
  • Communication

    • Communicate, communicate, communicate.
    • Communicate beyond your department. Explain why it is important to our success and theirs.
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