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Maintain pumps system integrity with dependable isolation valves and control valves

Chemical and petrochemical process plants use pumps to move feedstock, intermediates and products throughout a system. To keep the process running smoothly, proper operation of pumps play a vital role. From time to time there can be operational upsets or mechanical failures of the equipment, requiring isolation for repair or safety reasons. When called upon, the associated valves must be trustworthy to maintain proper operating pressures and system integrity.

Application Parameters
  • For a series of pumps, there are redundant isolation valves on both the suction and discharge sides
  • Valves must provide tight shutoff for the equipment to be serviced
  • To modulate discharge and hold back pressure, a control valve is used to prevent equipment damages and maintain pump efficiency rates

  1. Inlet Feed Drum Isolation
  2. Feed Drum Emergency Block
  3. Feed Pump Suction Block (Common per pump)
  4. Feed Pump Discharge Block (Common per pump)
  5. Recycle Inlet Block
  6. Recycle Outlet Block
  7. Chopper / Backflow Block
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