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Responding to industry challenges with isolation and control valves that improve the refining process

A MOGAS valve sits atop a major refinery tower.
Located at the top of a major refinery, these MOGAS valves were chosen for their performance and low maintenance. Due to their location, reliability was a critical part of the installation decision.

The refining industry has undergone many changes, from the methods of processing to the length of time that they operate their process units. These changes, along with the emergence of low sulfur fuel specifications, the requirement to process lower grade crude and the need to convert more bottom-of-the-barrel residuals, have put an extreme demand on isolation and control valves. Unreliable and unpredictable valves in emergency situations can cause enormous monetary losses and have devastating consequences for personnel. MOGAS has responded to these challenges by developing a combination of diverse trim configurations and high quality coatings for use in high temperature, high pressure, erosive, corrosive, viscous and coking / asphaltene applications.

A worldwide leader in valve solutions

MOGAS has extensive experience designing valve solutions for the world’s most sophisticated refinery complexes. With MOGAS-staffed offices in The Middle East, Europe, India, China, Australia, South America, Canada and the U.S., we work closely with licensor, engineering and construction companies worldwide to complete highly progressive grassroots installation and upgrading projects. Our much-respected severe service product line is a direct result of more than 50 years of examining why valves fail, and brings unmatched quality and reliability into the harsh conditions common to refineries.

MOGAS witnessed the excessive maintenance problems that were continually troubling the process industries, so we partner with customers to design our valves specifically to solve them. The industry continues to change, with the necessity to run lower grade feedstocks and longer unit operating times. As these processes push isolation valves to the limit, MOGAS will be there to help refineries meet the challenge.

Count on MOGAS valves for:
  • Reliable emergency isolation
  • Dependable, predictable modulation
  • Performance under extreme conditions – high temperatures, pressures and heavy solids
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs
  • Increased human and environmental safety
refinery schematic
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