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Increasing the operational reliability of isolation valves during the gasification process

The slurry-fed system initially developed for the coal industry has been successfully extended to refining’s gasification process for the production of hydrogen, synthesis gas (low BTU fuel gas), steam, hydrogen, and power.

Over the past 20 years, MOGAS has worked continuously with the leading licensor of the gasification process to design trim and coating technology that significantly increases critical isolation valves’ operational reliability. In fact, in a recent achievement MOGAS extended the life of the Lockhopper valve system for de-slagging operations from 6 months to 5 years (and more than 150,000 cycles of operation), without any related valve or actuator failures.

Operating Conditions:
  • High Temperatures: 500–900° F
  • Fine & Coarse Slag Service
  • High Cycles
  • Erosive Conditions
  • Temperature Cycling
  • Flashing Water Service
  • Chloride Corrosion
  • High Pressure Oxygen Service

Gasification Process Flow Diagram
  1. Slurry Tank EBV
  2. Feed Slurry Pump Isolation
  3. Gasifier Isolation
  4. Oxygen Feed Isolation
  5. Coarse Slag Lockhopper Isolation
  6. Lockhopper Drum Inlet
  7. Lockhopper Drum Outlet
  8. LCV Letdown Isolation
  9. Blackwater Flash Drum Isolation
  10. Oxygen Depressurizing Valve
  11. Oxygen Depressurizing Isolation
  12. Syngas Control to Production