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Our portfolio of valve products lets you choose the design, trim, materials, and coatings that best fit your application.

Valve solutions for the most severe service conditions

If an application exists that calls for a severe-service ball valve, chances are MOGAS has engineered a product that’s more than up to the task. And we have our clients to thank for that, because many of our design advancements have resulted directly from working in partnership with them to solve difficult application problems. By understanding our clients’ operational challenges and performance goals, MOGAS is able to create and customize the best solutions for each client’s unique process.

Switch Valve

Switch Valve for Delayed Cokers

Innovated patent-pending features offer the most advanced switch valve on the market today.

  • 6 – 16 inch (160-400 dn)
  • ASME 600 / 900 Class
  • Type II (body), Type III (drain) purging


Rotary Control Technology



FlexStream control element
The variable characterization of the control element allows precise pressure letdown and superior velocity control tailored to specific process conditions.


The innovative solution

Designed specifically for the demands of severe service conditions, FlexStream® rotary control technology is custom engineered for individual applications to provide:

  • Superior velocity control
  • Variable characterization
  • Exceptionally high rangeability
  • Precision modulation

This patented FlexStream® technology expands upon the proven strengths of MOGAS quarter-turn ball valves to offer:

  • Application-specific trim engineered for high ΔP applications
  • Replaceable control element design
  • Greater Cv per inch compared to competition
  • Smaller dimensional envelope than a traditional control valve
  • Dependable emissions control



MOGAS Rack and Pinion Actuators

MOGAS pneumatic actuator


For quarter-turn applications on ball, butterfly and plug valves and dampers.

  • torques up to: 37,161 in-lb for spring-return and 116,618 in-lb double-acting
  • operating temperatures from –40 to +302º F
  • pressures from 30 to 120 psi