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Dr. George Qiao named Excellent Reviewer for 2023


The Journal of Thermal Spray Technology honors Dr. George Qiao

MOGAS Industries Inc. is proud to announce that Dr. George (Yunfei) Qiao, Ph.D, has been named an Excellent Reviewer for 2023 by the Journal of Thermal Spray Technology. Dr. George is MOGAS' Sr. Materials and Coatings Specialist and he has over 40 years of expertise in metallurgy, tribology and surface technologies. With his experienced and knowledgeable background, Dr. George is responsible for patented surface technologies that have led to advancements at MOGAS, including our M7 coating and ML-381 metallurgically welded bond overlay. Additionally, Dr. Geroge holds five U.S. and international patents. 

Dr. George has authored and co-authored over 50 journal and conference publications. He has served on the Journal of Thermal Spray Technology review panel since 2013. Dr. George earned his Ph.D. in materials engineering. He says that he see many benefits in learning what advancements are being made in the coatings and thermal spray industries to continue to remain on the cutting edge of industry stanards and customer requirements. 

Congratulations Dr. George! 

Image 1: Cover of The Journal of Thermal Spray Technology
Image 2: Dr. George (Yunfei) Qiao
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