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Outstanding Supplier Awards for 2017


In late February 2018, MOGAS honored their outstanding vendors with a presentation of awards at Kirby’s Steakhouse in The Woodlands. There were many repeat winners amongst the eight vendors, which is a testament to the consistent quality they provide year-after-year. 

To qualify as an Outstanding Supplier, stringent criteria had to be met, such as: 
  • on-time or expedited deliveries
  • superior response time to ‘hot orders’
  • extraordinary efforts to meet MOGAS requests

Examples of ‘extraordinary efforts’ include one company forming a cross-functional team from top management, sales, engineering and manufacturing to analyze and action any quality issues to prevent future incidents. Also, two companies had cancelled their Christmas party to ensure deadlines were met during peak activity. 

At the presentation, Joe Couture, MOGAS Materials Director, praised each supplier: “We rely on the partnership established with each of you, and you’ve certainly stepped-up to meet our demanding and constant challenges. And we thank you for that.”

Congratulations to the following MOGAS Outstanding Suppliers for 2017. Click on photos to see company names.