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MOGAS World Rep Conference 2018


Sixty-four reps representing 40 companies from 18 countries recently joined MOGAS in Houston for the MOGAS World Rep Conference. This three-day conference achieved its goal to train our reps in applications where MOGAS valves solve customer challenges, and to educate them on new product offerings, such as ISOLATOR 2.0. 

Keynote speaker, Matt Mogas, began the conference with an overview of where MOGAS is today, where we want to be in the future and shared strategic and business plans on how to get there. Days 1 and 2 began with MOGAS presentations covering topics such as:
•    engineering support
•    coating technology
•    marketing efforts
•    accounting practices
•    refining applications, e.g., delayed coking, FCC, CCR
•    power applications
•    heavy oil challenges and activities
•    engineering R&D

Breakout sessions each afternoon discussed applications in refining, power, mining, and chemical/petrochemical, and reviewed MOGAS products, while giving our reps an open forum to provide valuable feedback about their successes and challenges.

Evening activities during Day 1 and 2 included a sales award dinner to honor our top reps, and a visit to Top Golf driving range.

On Day 3 all reps visited the MOGAS campus for facility tours in Manufacturing, Service, the Cleanroom and the Coating facility.

The event was well received by the reps based on responses to the post-event survey. On scale of 1 to 10, they rated the presentation quality a 9.25, and an overall satisfaction a 9.6.
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