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6th annual outstanding suppliers awards


The 6th Annual MOGAS Outstanding Supplier of the Year awards were presented on February 10th at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Houston. Seven companies were recognized for their contributions to MOGAS’ on time delivery and strict quality standards.

MOGAS customers expect more and we consistently deliver. In 2016, monthly on time delivery (OTD) to our customers averaged 93%. We strive to improve this through improving our processes and training our teams. This includes our suppliers who are constantly challenged to meet their commitments. Without their support, achieving 93% would be impossible. “I am pleased to report that supplier OTD performance was also good for 2016,” says Jerry Jones, MOGAS Materials Manager. The annual average for all production related suppliers was 90%. MOGAS’ top seven performers, who received the 6th Annual Outstanding Supplier Award, averaged better than 98% combined!

In 2016, MOGAS raised the qualifying bar from 90% to 95% OTD. Many of our suppliers responded well and continue to improve and grow with MOGAS so that they are able to provide value and the level of support needed to service MOGAS customers. Jones continues: "We believe that the key to success is communication, aligned expectations and accountability. It’s a good formula that works well for us and we will continue to work with all suppliers to perform as well as our very best, preferred suppliers."

Congratulations to the following MOGAS outstanding suppliers:

A.W. Chesterton Co.

ASAP Machine, Inc.

Belleville International, LLC

Choice Fasteners, LLC

Material Inspection Technology, Inc.

U.S. Alloys, Inc.

VanAire, Inc.
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