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MOGAS achieves AD2000 Merkblaetter certification


In Europe, especially Germany, AD2000 Merkblatter represents the generally accepted rules of technology regarding pressure vessels and contains safety requirements for:
  • equipment, installation and marking
  • design
  • manufacture and testing
  • and materials

AD2000 Merkblatter are mostly based on the German DIN standards. AD2000 stands for “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Druckbehalter”, which translates to Working Group on Pressure Vessels. “Merkblatter” are “specification sheets”. AD2000 Merkblatter is prepared by a group of seven trade associations who together form the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Druckbehalter. TUV NORD, as a member of VdTÜV, is the head of the working group and certify manufacturers in accordance with the AD2000 regulations.

Malte Hieret, General Manager, HD Industrie GmbH, and MOGAS’ authorized representative in Germany, says: “AD2000 is the main certificate you need to do business with German end users or engineering companies. By achieving this, MOGAS has a great new opportunity to sell DIN valves in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Even most German engineering companies that request ANSI valves for international projects want AD2000 certification. Achieving this very market-specific certification for MOGAS valves demonstrates MOGAS’ impressive engineering capability.”

“There is only one team at MOGAS and I’m on it” is the motto that exemplifies how MOGAS’ multidepartment project achieved this essential certification. Shawna LaVerde, MOGAS Engineering Project Lead explains the process: “The MOGAS [AD2000 A4 HP0 & PED 97/23/EC Category III Modules B1+F] approval for the C-Series product line was accomplished after a rigorous approval process and an audit of the MOGAS quality system. This comprised an extensive engineering design package, including over 90 pages of design calculations per EN and AD2000 standards, and successful manufacturing and testing of two sample valves.” She continues: “Lots of engineering hours went into this project, and included expertise from many MOGAS individuals and departments, such as Purchasing, QA/QC, Manufacturing, Planning, Assembly, and our valued rep in Germany.”
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