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AHFF Grant 3


Armed Forces Foundation Family Assistance Stories

America’s Heroes First Foundation presented a $30,000 grant to the Armed Forces Foundation in October 2013. The short articles below illustrate how we were able to support military families as a result of our thoughtful and generous payroll deduction donation participants. Thank you for your continued support!
Story 1
Samuel & April Deeds
Medically Retired USMC
Gunnery Sergeant Samuel Deeds worked as a mechanic on the MV-22 Osprey, a military aircraft, before being medically retired from the Marines in October 2011. While serving in Iraq in 2005, he discovered an improvised explosive device (IED) while setting up a vehicle checkpoint. Deeds exposed himself to the device to save his fellow Marines.While recovering from one of nearly 40 surgeries in 2008, Sam again risked his life to save several people who had been caught in a rip tide off the coast of North Carolina. Sam saved one man himself and helped direct the rescue of two others. For his wounds suffered in combat, Sam received the Purple Heart medal.
Sam also suffers from PTSD. He has a wife, April, and two sons. It’s a struggle every day for Sam and his family. On top of the effects from the physical and invisible wounds of war, Sam and his family found themselves in need of financial assistance due to Sam’s inability to work. The money from his retirement and disability received from the VA each isn’t enough to cover the bills each month – Sam isn’t rated as 100% disabled! When they contacted the AFF, we were able to process his claim and put the Deeds back on a path of financial freedom.

Hear Sam telling his life story at a 9/11 breakfast on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. To Sam, it isn’t a story he tells, but his life.
The Deeds at the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction
Story 2
Active Duty USMC
13 years of service
Married with two children
This active duty Marine and his wife purchased their first home in Feb. 2013. Shortly after settling in to their new home, both of their cars needed major repairs. In addition, the family was victim to identity theft and fraud. Their savings account was wiped out because of the mounting attorney’s fees and repair costs. Unfortunately, they were forced to use credit cards to cover the payments which in turn created more bills. They are still in a legal battle due to the identity theft, which continues to impact them financially.
They asked the Armed Forces Foundation for assistance covering their mortgage and utilities. With the AFF paying $2,000.00 towards these bills, they were able to get caught up and get back on track.
“We cannot thank you enough for helping our family. Thank you so much for sending a check for our mortgage. We don't know what we would have done without this. There are truly no words to describe how thankful we are.”
Story 3
Active Duty Army
Deployed at the time of assistance request.
Married father of two
This Army soldier was recently promoted but instead of a pay increase in his next paycheck, found out that his paycheck did not arrive due to a logistical error. Due to this error in recording, he did not get a paycheck for the month. His family lives paycheck to paycheck and depends on the twice monthly paychecks to remain financially stable. As a result, he fell behind on a month of bills causing significant financial stress on the family. Through no fault of their own, creditors began contacting the family for payment. His wife contacted the Armed Forces Foundation, because her husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan, and asked for our assistance.
The Armed Forces Foundation stepped in and assisted this family with $1,578.00 towards their car payments and car insurance.
“Thank you so very much for this great news! This is such a blessing! I just wanted to thank you on behalf of myself and my husband. This has made a huge difference. We can get back on course and have minimized our bills, creating a workable budget”.
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