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MOGAS Severe Service Ball Valves

Floating and trunnion ball valves for shut-off and flow control applications

MOGAS® Industries is the dominant severe service technology company, providing world-renowned services and the best severe service, application-specific products for critical valve applications in power, mining, oil & gas, refining, chemical/petrochemical, pulp & paper and specialty industries. 
Severe service is defined as: 
  • extreme temperatures 
  • high pressures 
  • abrasive particulates 
  • acidic products 
  • heavy solids build-up 
  • critical plant safety 
  • large pressure differentials 
  • velocity control 
  • and noise control

Designed for severe service and absolute shutoff

MOGAS ball valves provide engineered solutions to the main valve concerns of site engineers around the world.
  • External leakage eliminated. Our ball valves include a quarter-turn, non-rising stem with precision-machined, external stem bearings and extensive stuffing box with dual anti-extrusion rings that maintain packing position.
  • Absolute internal sealing. Our balls and seats are mate lapped for a 100 percent sealing surface and the seat spring, combined with the line pressure, provides a constant mechanical force that allows for thermal expansion. We sharpen the leading edges of the seat so that the metal-seated ball is cleaned each time the valve is operated.
  • Dependable automation. The MOGAS ball valve design includes mounting flanges and flange bushings for easy change-out from manual to automated operation, while eliminating stem side thrusts produced by the actuator. A precision-machined "rigid" mounting bracket supports actuators in any position and the oversized stem allows maximum torque.
  • Quality is built into every valve. Our strict quality control procedures ensure that each and every MOGAS valve is tested before leaving our factory. Our products are designed to exceed engineering specifications and all MOGAS pressure containing components meet or exceed the ASME B16.34 and ASME Section VIII standards. Our valve products are inherently fire safe to API 607, API 6FA, BS 6755, and tested to MSS-SP-61, API 598 or Class V shutoff for quarter-turn isolation and for rotary control technologies per FCI 70-2. What’s more, MOGAS severe service ball valves are certified PED compliant for the European market.

Which MOGAS ball valve is right for your application?

Isolation Valves (C-Series)
For large bore valve isolation and control applications, each valve is designed specifically for high pressure, high temperature, corrosive, abrasive, viscous applications

Trunnion Valves (T-Series)
Retains many of the time-tested features of the C-Series but with a trunnion design. Its’ reduced operating torque results in an overall less expensive valve and actuator package.

Control Valve Technology (FlexStream®)
Channels high pressure differential flow rates to combat velocity, cavitation, flashing and noise

Power-operated Relief Valves (PORV)
Pneumatically actuated pressure-relieving safety valve that prevents excessive system pressure accumulation

Vent and Drain Valves (iRSVP)
For absolute isolation of critical equipment and/or drain and vent applications

Inline Repair Valves (SC-3PC)
Used in plants for isolation of high pressure / high temperature applications, its three-piece body allows in-line repair

Custom-engineered, application-specific valves (MAX Series)
Switching, y-pattern, ultra-high pressure, special linkage, unique bore sizing, skids… we engineer solutions

Performance. Guaranteed.

MOGAS valves come with a statistically driven, application-specific PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE—plus a Lifetime Warranty on materials and workmanship—on our isolation and control valves. We can do this because of our continuous years of research and development, coating improvements, proven manufacturing techniques and application experience. Years of continual valve performance analysis, field reports and statistical service data from around the globe provide the information required to guarantee our valves for a performance time period.

See the details. 

Matt Mogas, President and CEO of MOGAS Industries discusses the PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE, the world's first application-specific performance guarantee on MOGAS isolation and control valves.



MOGAS Industries seen on Manufacturing Marvels

MOGAS as seen on “Manufacturing Marvels®”. This two-minute spotlight highlights MOGAS’ involvement in the engineering and manufacturing of severe service ball valves.
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