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Case Studies

Real challenges. Lasting solutions. Proven results.

Chemical / Petrochemical

LDPE Recycle Gas Cooler case study

Application: Recycle Gas Cooler Isolation

This Gulf Coast plant reduced their downtime from 1700 hours per year to a mere 7 hours due to MOGAS understanding the plant's unique process conditions.
Download LDPE Recycle Gas Cooler case study


POx Autoclave Operation case study

Application: Autoclave

Read how this POx autoclave avoided many unplanned shutdowns and now boasts better than 93% run time on their autoclaves.
Download POx Autoclave Operation case study

Slurry Ore case study

Application: Slurry Transport

The operation required 180 cycles without repair. MOGAS achieved 818. And it didn't stop there.
Download Slurry Ore case study


Ebullated Bed case study

Application: Hydrocracking and Catalyst Addition and Withdrawal

Shortly after start-up, the refiner experienced buyer’s regret when the plant was not able to stay online as expected.
Download Ebullated Bed case study