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MOGAS Awarded Contract to Support TC2C™ New Technology


MOGAS valves support new green technology

MOGAS Industries Inc. is proud to share that we have secured a multi-million dollar contract for the first ever TC2C™ (Thermal Crude to Chemicals) technology project in South Korea. In collaboration with S-Oil's Shaheen Project, Lummus Technology will license the TC2C™ (Thermal Crude to Chemicals) process, which converts crude oil and other refinery products to highly valued olefin and aromatic products, including one of the largest steam crackers in the world. 

We are excited for the technical innovation that this process will contribute to the growing green economy. Collaborating with Aramco and Chevron Lummus Global for this incredible investment in South Korea will bring many gains across the industry, especially for clean heavy crude upgrading.

To read the full press release on Business Wire, click here.  

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Image 2: MOGAS Industries Inc. celebrates 50 years of technology innovations
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