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COVID-19 Update (April 1, 2020)


MOGAS is Open for Business

MOGAS President and CEO, Matt Mogas, gives an update on operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As defined by the Department of Homeland Security, MOGAS Industries is a critical manufacturer to conduct a range of operations and services that are essential to continued critical infrastructure viability. Our workers are necessary for the manufacturing of materials and products needed in the energy and chemical industries.

We have taken safety precautions as recommended by the CDC for the protection of our workers:
  • A vast majority of our engineering, sales, customer support and service employees are working from home, and are providing the same high level of support MOGAS is recognized for.
  • Our manufacturing personnel are here--on site--to provide the essential products and services to meet the demands of our customers. 
  • Our operations team is pro-actively working with suppliers and sub-suppliers to minimize disruptions to production. 

We are open for business, and are accepting and delivering orders. 

We are in a dynamic situation where things are changing every hour, and we want to keep our customers informed on how the current situation affects their orders.

MOGAS’ 1-800 number is answered at any hour, on every day to respond to customer queries and to locate the right person you need.

Our 24-hour call service number is: 1-800-544-0291

MOGAS employees are insanely customer centric, and, in this crisis, we have ‘all hands on deck’ to ensure you get the service you expect from us.
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