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ML-381 metallurgically bonded weld overlay results in extended ball and seat life


Our latest TechTalk explores the latest advancement in autoclave and mining operational improvement. Acid leaching is a critical process in autoclave and mining applications. The ML-381 metallurgically bonded weld overlay has been shown to triple the life of balls and seats compared to valves with mechanically bonded coating, and it has proven to extend plant runtime.  

In our efforts to continuously improve our products and custom engineer solutions for our customers, the ML-381 trial began in February 2012 with a mandate to allow end users to operate plants for longer and lower repair costs on valves being serviced during shutdowns. After years of research & development, MOGAS supplied the first trial valve with ML-381 to an autoclave facility in November 2016. ML-381 mechanically bonded weld overlay proved to extend plant runtime by operating for nearly 21 months with no leaks. Previous valves installed without ML-381 had been expected to be replaced as a part of planned service every nine months. 

With its higher bond strength and proven reliability, ML-381 will revolutionize the autoclave and mining industries by extending operating campaigns between shutdowns and increasing profits by lowering ownership costs compared to other coatings used in the acid leaching process. Head of metallurgy at an international mining company mentions that breakthroughs like ML-381 "will make pressure oxidation (POX) and high pressure acid leaching (HPAL) processes even more cost effective and indeed safer."

Read more about ML-381 metallurgically bonded weld overlay by downloading our latest TechTalk.
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